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We specialize in making Organic Bean-to-Bar Chocolate

Authentic Chocolate is made by combining the seeds of a Fruit (Cacao) with Sugar.

Cacao is a large fruit growing on trees in the healthy tropical forests around the globe in the so called Cocoa Belt (a band located within +20º/-20º from the Equator line).

Cacao's seeds are a highly nutritious food and among the most powerful antioxidants known.

For Transparency, Sustainability and Quality reasons we choose to source only Fine Flavor Cacao exclusively from Central and South America (excluding Brazil and Venezuela).

"Fine Flavor" (as opposed to Bulk Cacao) characterizes a complex sensory profile composed of well-balanced aromatic and flavour notes.

Additionally we select Single Origin Organic Cacao (Single Region, Single Cooperative or Single Estate).

De facto we are committed to fully support Traceability and Fair-Trade.

(At present we do not support Fair-Trade Logos as there isn't any trustworthy global brand that we know of, yet. Anyone can pay and get a logo.)

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Our Chocolate Manufacturing operates the Italian traditional way.

Through Hernán Cortés Cacao came from the Americas first to Spain in the early 1500s where it was only available among the Royals, the Court, the Aristocratic families and the Elites. It was a luxury treat.

Cacao was kept in Spain as a state secret for almost 100 years, before traveling to Turin due to a Love Story between the Duke of Savoy and Catherine of Spain.

I make chocolate to share my passion. My name is Francesco and I am originally from Turin where Cacao arrived directly from Spain in the early 1600s, before spreading all over the country first, then all over Europe.

Turin (in Piedmont, North Western Italy) remained the capital of chocolate for many years and has a long standing tradition in chocolate manufacturing.

We just select One Cacao per Country from Central and South America.

It's a long process. We Sort Cacao Beans by hand, we then Roast, Winnow, Refine, Conch, Temper, Mold and Pack our Chocolate Bars by hand with Passion.

We Craft our Chocolate in Micro-Batches (less than 80lbs) and It takes at least five days to go straight from the beans to the bars.

In order to Celebrate Nature's Diversity we typically offer the various Cacao Origins we select in Chocolate Bars ranging from 60%, 70%, 75%, 80%, 95% up to 100% pure Cacao.

Besides Dark Chocolate we also offer other specialty bars like Organic Oat Milk and a few different gourmet chocolate bars to come.

From time to time check our Online Store to keep up with our novelties!

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