Welcome into our Chocolate World!

We specialize in making Organic Bean-to-Bar Chocolate

Authentic Chocolate is made by combining the seeds of a Fruit (Cacao) with Sugar.

Cacao is a big fruit growing on trees in the healthy tropical forests around the globe in the so called Cocoa Belt (a band located within +20º/-20º from the Equator line).

Cacao's seeds are a highly nutritious food and among the most powerful antioxidants known.

For Transparency, Sustainability and Quality reasons we choose to source only Fine Flavor Cacao exclusively from Central and South America (excluding Brazil and Venezuela).

"Fine Flavor" (as opposed to Bulk Cacao) characterizes a complex sensory profile composed of well-balanced aromatic and flavour notes.

Additionally we select Single Origin Organic Cacao (Single Region, Single Cooperative or Single Estate).

Consequently we de facto support Traceability and Fair-Trade.

At present we Do Not Support any Fair-Trade Marks (Logos) as there is confusion and no trustworthy global standard has emerged yet.

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We select only One Cacao per Country from Central and South America.

We Sort Cacao Beans by hand, we then Roast, Winnow, Refine, Conch, Temper, Mold and Pack our Chocolate Bars by hand with Passion.

We Craft our Chocolate in Micro-Batches (less than 80lbs) and It takes around five days to go from the beans to the chocolate bar.

In order to Celebrate Nature's Diversity we typically offer the various Cacao Origins in Chocolate Bars ranging from 60%, 70%, 75%, 85% to 95%.

Then we also make Oat Milk and other gourmet chocolate bars. Visit our Online Store to see all we do!

The Chocolate Manufacturing & Store - located in Downtown Missoula MT - includes a CAFE offering Organic Coffee Freshly Roasted by local Coffee Masters and in-House made Gourmet Sandwiches, Brunch Tartines, Mini Chocolate and Lemon Cakes, Chocolate Mousse, Tiramisù, Hot Sipping Chocolate, Biscuits, Iced Chocolate, Smooth Nitro & Cold Brew, Teas, Matchas, Frappés & Ice Creams.

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311 E Front St, Missoula, MT 59802